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Here :

You can play with the models, zoom, rotate, move with your mouse, you can even use your smartphone or VR viewer
Well. I still need to polish the text, but is kinda ready for accept people I hope you guys like it.  I really hope this works
Well. Lately i'm focusing my little free time to do lot of stuff on 3d,  and i'm still learning, what I know now is that there's different modeling techniques for each purpose of the 3d file, for example you can do a modeling for rendeing purposes (usually in high poly count version)  or prepare a file for video game (which usually require low poly models) or prepare a model for 3d printing, (which require to part the models in printable parts without inner structures).. is pretty interesting, and recently got contacted by a game developer to work with them.. yikes!!..

While printing I have two projects, making practical stuff like this……

(it's a stand for gameboy advance games, yes, i'm a retro gamer :P)   I can design, print, and make copies with molds of silicone and resin... so i'm right now just brainstormin what kind of things I can produce for selling ^^ (you know, alternative things to win some money other than making porn.. lol)

What I also have in mind is to make a lil business of make sculptures of your mascots..  personalized sculptures, for  more or less $150.. and did a test already with my own..   you can take a look to "Dakota", my great dane here
i was thinking on produce sculpts, print, paint and sell it for the people who are interested.. is a good idea ne?... will you be interested on have a lil statue of your beloved mascot to remember her/him the rest of your life? XD  let me know :P…

in case you wonder how the real dakota looks like i just took a photo…

Working on as part of a video game developing team is very exciting for me, I stil have to polish my skills with preparing files for that purpose (low polys), but i''m not affraid of learn ^^, who knows, maybe someday i'll be living from my 3d works/stuff other if Pal close someday. at least i'm not afraid anymore.
Think on a site like deviantart but for 3d artists,
you can  upload your models and let people play with it (without
letting them download the model of course), an interesting feature
is that the site lets you embed your model in any site

if you register PLEASE use my referal code (if I get 4 more they will
raise my upload size limit, i'm interested on use this site for showcase
my 3d work)

My referal link :

example :…

(you can zoom the model with scroll wheel of the mose, and move by clicking
the scroll wheel)
for the few guys who wrote requesting information about the comic, please have patience, should be replying tomorrow and monday (was working on a big VIP update, since sales are low again (i'll leave this link in case you don't believe me :…
Te encontré en tu camita, la luz apagada, encendí la luz para que me vieras y me saludaste,"justo a quien quería ver", te alegraste y me abrazaste, y empezaste a llorar.

Tengo Parkinson dijiste, rápidamente empece a escudriñar en mi memoria por 4 largos segundos, que no sea la enfermad donde pierden la memoria pensé,  recuerda, es la otra, la hace que pierdas el control
de tus movimientos.

Le dije que ya no llorara, !no te preocupes, la enfermedad no es lo que era hace muchos años, ahora
hay medicamentos que ayudan!!.  ella no paraba de llorar. "pero son tan caros, tu ya me estas pagando los otros medicamentos y los de tu papá, y ahora esto"... "Mamá, me gasto el dinero en tantas trivialidades, esto no es nada". "ya no llores mama, la medicina ha avanzado mucho, nadie muere por esto, tranquila" te dije sonriendo, la abrace. y se calmo

En esas situaciones usualmente soy así, las emociones tardan en llegarme, como cuando murio mi abuela, no llore ese día, primero trato de pensar en soluciones, en reconfortar a los otros.

Al rato ya estabas afuera de tu habitación, conversabas con tu hermana, fue como si te hubiera devuelto la vida, y me alegre, y me sentí feliz de lograr alegrarte.
thanks to the people who requested a commission from me..  should be replying in two days
I'm just thinking,  is not official yet. .but how many of you ware interested on a picture from me? ^^
Please note that I don't do DaPoints commissions  ..the price per picture start at USD$40
Hello, I have a few questions.

1. Why do you make porn? Do you make things/art outside of 18+ content? You draw good and I think you could have a good art career.

Because people demands me more porn than regular artwork, I wish do more serious comics but people only search me for porn (i'm not the only artist who suffer of this), but i'll not deny that I like some porn too... hey, most of humans see porn.

2. Do you get into legal trouble with the copyright owners?

We aren't breaking any copyright.. (people is really confused with the copyright concept, wich involve makes copies of something already done and produced by a different person,
like download a movie or music cd, or selling artwork produced by other artists,  we are not copying artwork done of any artist, we are artists too, we produce our own
content working many hours on these pages, most of it are "Parody" artwork which is protected by law in many countrys, other sites that only copy the artwork from us.  Concepts
like Copyright, Parody, Trademark, etc have different interpretation by the laws in different countrys.  However I have the rule of respect any artist that doesn't want us to draw
parody of their artwork, for example, just recently I received a message from the designer of one popular cartoon from the 80's and we decided to stop drawing parodies of it.

3. Is some of your content considered illegal? I mean that some of this content contains characters that seem underage, so I don't know if you or your customers could be arrested.

Is up to the country where you are,  Content like Lolicon is ilegal on Canada,  Where I live not,  usually laws (like the Moral) differs from country to country, and some laws
are really stupid, even in the U.S. (where you can buy guns before able to buy beer in some states),  if you ask me, drawings doesn't hurt anyone,  don't you think is ironic
that society allow drawings of people murdering thousands of people. movies where you can see cities destroyed but they over react by the drawing of of something natural
like a sex scene...  violence is more tolerated than sex or swearing in tv shows for example...
..please read this ...  

WAIT.. WHAT?? by bbmbbf
Alone against the world
That's how it feels..  really...

If i'm a baker, and you're starving and need to steal some bread, i'll understand it,   is not ok, but i'll understand, you don't have money and you need it,  so  take it...   but if you steal bread just cuz you are greedy and in the process you kill the baker ... that's totally fucked up don't you think?.. not only that, everyone believe that's the correct way to survive.  "uhmm this bread is delicious, oh wait, I forgot to kill the baker.. " lol

While the demand of our work is everyday lower and lower,  (Innocence Lost sold only 48 copies) an people of hentaikey is pushing me to raise the sells, and Mobius Unleashed constantly losing people.. is evident than all this is dying..   at least in the way we are doing it... really... 

Some idiots are telling me the low sales are result of poor quality (a big lie, if you compare our first comics, the average had really bad artwork,  some of them like Rescue Rodents 1 was even just flat colors...)   ..other blame the character/series selection ..(cuz obviously doesn't fit with their personal taste)  but they ignore I choose those due people demands..  believe me, if it was for me, palcomix will be 50% babs bunny porn.... hearing them is like hearing the bread thief complaining about the flavor of the bread to the baker.. (before attempt to kill him)

Dealing everyday with the constant harassment of the conservative  Megatroll and his friends from DA (who created a petition online to close palcomix and encourage other guys to attack me with PM's and  emails with insults,is hard...  DA denied my reports so I lost that fight already.

Really i'm preparing my plan B here..  my predictions is that the way we are working will be totally different in 5 years (actually i don't give 2 years more to Palcomix) .. of course i'll stay as long few people support me, and hentaikey doesn't kick my butt, but let's face it..  fighting in a world where  people think take other people's work from internet is ok, is something that i can't do..  bigger and more popular people already tried, and actually the reaction from the people is hate against them... I don't want to be hated.

I already start to take some 3d modeling lessons (which are going great), after that i have plans to study a Software Engineer career..  right now I only know basic HTML and that's what i used in all these years, if was not for people like 
cheetahjab palcomix will not be here...  i'll have to reduce my team and keep working on commissions only, to survive and pay my bills,  step by step changing my business model from a drawn porn provider to a serious 3d design studio. not related with porn industry, or even perhaps a animation studio (first thing in my mind is an animated version of Little Tails)  or who knows I end making Video Games.. I remember design games on paper since i was preteen.. or combining that with art and story telling.. who knows  what the future will have for me,  but this, this not all..  and i'll not die with the end of Palcomix.

To the people who keep supporting us, thank u so much...
I want to say first, Really REALLY, do not report me sites that steal my work! .. I can't stop them to steal me, to critize me, to insult me, when i hear from people like them it only affects my mood .. badly.. it blocks me to keep working, like just right now, and I start thinking on give up of all this so.. please ..from the bottom of my heart, I beg you to not tell me anything, I PREFER TO IGNORE, I told them to not post my latest updates (so my members will have some kind of temp exclusivity) but they ignore me most of the time, I beg them to not post complete site rips (piracy can works as some way of promo.. YES .. i know that, but if they post the WHOLE thing in a "easy to download rar" file then why people care to join to my site?.. ) one idiot even told me "hey ..who cares if palcomix close, we still have *insert random rule34 site" ...They clearly don't know the difference between a site that takes everything from other places and a site that actually produce them.

It piss me off.. it really makes me wish to give up.. find something else to work... because is so unfair, so stressing... people is reaching the point that they think is "sooo normal" "soooo harmless" that they actually request me things there, they ask me my opinion of comments from those sites.. they want me to join them.. to that "happy place" where art magically appears weekly...

I have to deal at the same time with a mega troll.. one that actually is decided to destroy me (he can't of course) ...but that is not a relief when you hear constantly people calling you a paedophile because you draw cartoons... what in the world have "drawing a comic" with fictional characters to do with the act of rape a real child... being insulted in that way is REALLY offensive... REALLY REALLY offensive…

"why you pay attention to this troll".. well. is not the regular troll... he is LEADING an ARMY of trolls for attack artists like me (i'm not the only one affected.. I got an screencap of someone who got one of his PM's where he request people to go to our pages and attack, but I don't want to reveal my friend's identity, Still there are public mentions of his campaign and trolling conspiracy where you can see him talking with people about these Pm's……

Like you can see he is even using the report system against artists.…

that's him congratulating a guy for insulting me on my wall…

here one of his friend laughing on his page, because I blocked him (after his insults on my page
I reported this already but DA suggested me to just "block him"... yes.. some kind of "deal with it"
lol.. so I have to tolerate being called child rapist due my work, being insulted in many pages that aren't mine
cuz for DA .. "social things are complicated"

Then we have this :…

You know what's amazing?.. there are pirate sites who steal from other sites, have more content and more popularity than sites like mine.. BUT STILL I'M THE ONE WHO IS ATTACKED!!

i'm 99% sure that this megatroll is the same guy behind the online petition campaign to close Palcomix.. (he even mentions it) also the way that talks about "protect the childrens" is very similar, (I think nobody
told this guy that Palcomix is a site for Adults... and when artists like here produce porn of series
like Tiny Toons, or My Little Pony, they are not attempting to make kids look into it...)

And you know how I can deal with all this shit?.. by just ignore them, so please.. again, do not
report me anything, do not mention me any image board, forum or group that steal me.. if you
can, do me a favor and report them.. I don't want to EVEN think on them.. because it drains my
good mood, and blocks me.. totally blocks me when i'm working..
Nos vemos la proxima semana :D
My (very) young sister latest work :  Personaje antiguo actualizado -Keyti- by skatesai5
i'm proud :D  

(do not comment here, please comment there ^^ )
My sister's DA page
I created a facebook page for making contests and stuff

Please give us a "like", i'll be doing the fan character contest there soon.
Concurso en Pausa...

Seems i didn't predicted how facebook reacts on these kind of evets.. i'll have to do it on Palcomix or other page, until i figure how... *sigh* i'll let you know ...

Parece que no predije como funciona facebooks en estos eventos.. voy a tenrer que hacerlo de otra manera ... hasta que descubra como hacerlo, mejor les hare saber

Still you can add my profile as a friend if you have a facebook account
Algun amigo sabe donde puedo comrpar una tableta Wacom en Mexico? es para ayudar a una amiga
Again, i need you to give it a like to this image.. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!…

(need facebook account ) 

Thank u thank u Thank u thank u Thank u thank u Thank u thank u 
Edit : Thank u  :D My sis won the contest :P